I love photographing life…the story of life! I want to capture my children’s childhood, almost as if you can not only see it happening, but feel, smell, hear, and even taste it too. All through a photograph, you say?! Yes, I strive to tell a story through my photography with the use of light, shadow, emotion, motion, and connections. A lot of how I learn photography has been through reading, studying others, and using that knowledge to do daily shooting projects of my own family and our day to day life. I love to do the same for other families both new and old, couples, new and expecting moms, seniors and more.  However, my favorite is families. I love the challenge it brings to show the true connections between family members. I incorporate my many years of elementary teaching experience to help bring out the true, honest expressions of little ones and settle the nerves of those of any age who are not comfortable in front of the camera. I am a natural light photographer who loves to shoot during the golden hour lighting. I serve the Westminster, Arvada, and Denver Metro Area. If you are interested in finding out more or ready to book,  message me to schedule a session today!

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