Chase after your dreams…even if they scare you!

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Chase your dreams!

When I first had the thought of starting a photography business, the next thought that quickly followed was “No way, you can’t do that. You aren’t at the professional level yet. You don’t know enough about business. You don’t have the money to start a business. You don’t…”  The list went on and on of why I felt like I couldn’t do it. Still today, some of those thoughts creep into my mind.

Time went on and I practiced, practiced, practiced. I read everything I could about photography and starting your own business. I talked myself out of it over and over again. However, I just kept practicing and studying any free chance I had (which wasn’t much between being a full time teacher, wife, and mom to two amazing kids). When I came across something I couldn’t do, I would read about it, then practice it, usually on my kids much to their dismay after awhile. I would feel like I was getting it, only to realize there was something else I needed to learn. It’s one of the aspects of photography that has frustrated me at many points along the way yet I’ve grown to appreciate and even love.

Somewhere along the way through the love and encouragement of my supportive husband, family, and friends I decided to take the plunge and start Missy Knight Photography LLC. I’m not going to lie, I still have a lot to learn about owning and running your own business but I sure am loving the journey along the way. Well, I’m loving it most of the time anyway. Of course it has it’s ups and downs. One of those ups just happened today when I realized Missy Knight Photography shows up on page 4 of a google search for Westminster, CO senior photographers and page 9 for family photographers! That’s a big accomplishment considering a month ago I knew NOTHING about SEO (search engine optimization) and you couldn’t find my business name anywhere in a google search. Again, I read (even when it sounded like a foreign language to me), I practiced, I read some more to try to better understand, I practiced some more and finally it’s paid off! I sure can’t say it’s easy but I’m incredibly happy I took that plunge and didn’t let my fears get in my way for once in my life.  Whatever those dreams are you have, chase after them, don’t let fear stop you! Want to chat more about my process or schedule a session? Message me at Missy Knight Photography by clicking here.

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