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Style Guide ~ What to wear


“The Rule of 3”

Pick three accenting colors that you feel represents your family and the emotion you envision for your photos. Then use any combination of neutral colors to fill in the rest of the outfits. Neutral colors are white, tan, grey, navy, and black. You can mix and match these as much as you want with the three accenting colors you choose. Try to avoid all white or all black if possible as well as any distracting patterns, logos or graphics (unless these are for a theme you wish to capture). Plaids and polka dots do work well for patterns. Think coordinating outfits but not necessarily matching.


Textures, layers, and movement

Textures and layers are a great way to accent your clothing choices. Layering items could be sweaters, jackets, scarves, necklaces, bows, hats, ruffles, lace, etc. Dress for the season as some of these accessories work better in cool or cold weather, while others work best in hot weather.

Clothing choices that move and flow work well. Especially maxi dresses or skirts for ladies and girls. While men look most masculine in well fitted dress pants and closed toe shoes.


Especially for In Home Newborn Sessions

A basic white onsie works great on baby as it helps to emphasis all of baby's precious features. Details or patterns can be added in blankets, sheets, headbands, etc. This is not to say that's what you have to dress baby in though if there are special outfits you want to use. Neutral colored clothing works well for all family members if possible so as not to cast unwanted color onto baby.


Remember, these are just suggestions I’ve learned along the way. First and foremost pick outfit choices to suit your style and comfort level to showcase YOU and YOUR family as you naturally are. If you have any questions for Missy Knight Photography send Missy a message!