What makes your family YOU? Do you love to snuggle and read books together, go to the museum, play games, be outdoors?
Whatever it is, storytelling sessions get at the heart of your family's connections through your interactions together. I'd love to come along side you to capture your unique and different perspectives as a family.
I know you might be thinking, "my everyday is not that exciting" but trust me, there is beauty in your everyday. Trust me to do what I do best and show you the beauty in your families day to day routine.

This family story was told through taking a walk along Clear Creek River in Golden, Colorado. The connections and details of this young age of their child was really important to them.
Here's a little glimpse into a yearly tradition for our family, planting the garden out back.
This family wanted a whimsical feel for their family session which was perfect for their three little dancers in a photo only family storytelling session at Mt. Falcon, Colorado.
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